Essay on How Alzheimer 's Affect The Way Your Brain

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Does Alzheimer 's affect the way your brain works and how your body functions? Alzheimer 's is a progressive, degenerative, and irreversible brain disorder. Alzheimer 's Disease results from a combination of genetic, lifestyle, and environmental factors that affect the brain over time. Less than five percent the time, Alzheimer 's is caused by specific genetic changes that almost guarantees a person will develop the disease. Plaques on the brain may cause some of the cells to die, as well as a tangle. Alzheimer 's is the leading cause of premature senility. There are three different forms of Alzheimer 's: Early-Onset Alzheimer 's, Late-Onset Alzheimer 's, and Familial Alzheimer 's Disease [FAD]. Now, two percent to five percent of people over the age of sixty-five have this disease. Twenty percent of people eighty years old have the disease. Alzheimer 's is a disease that would most unlikely to cure. If you consider that everybody 's brains work differently and as well that doctors are not even one-hundred percent sure if the patient even has Alzheimer 's. Since Alzheimer 's is hard to treat with medicine a lot of patients even quit taking their medications if they know that it is not helping them. In some cases the medicine prescribed to the patient might actually make things worse. It is important to learn more about Alzheimer 's so that it can eventually be cured. (Alzheimer 's Health Disease Center) 2005-2015. After the age of sixty-five the amount of people with the…

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