Hospitality Is Expected Not Suggested Essay

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Hospitality is Expected Not Suggested
Throughout the many Ancient Greek tales written by Edith Hamilton in the book Mythology, the theme of hospitality, along with its rules, expectations, and customs, can be discovered. More specifically, when examining the theme of hospitality and its dependence on the interactions between host and guest, it is revealed that proper or expected hospitality is rewarded while improper or disrespected hospitality is punished. To further explain the importance of this theme in Greek mythology, this report will describe the stories of Baucis and Philemon, Hercules, The Trojan war, and how hospitalities influenced their stories along with the overall Greek culture.
To begin, a story that clearly exemplifies the theme where expected hospitality is rewarded while disrespected hospitality is punished can be found in the tale of Baucis and Philemon. In this myth two powerful gods descended from Mt. Olympus to test the mortals, yet Baucis and Philemon were the only to succeed in their challenge. The story follows that one day Zeus (Jupiter) and Hermes (Mercury) found themselves bored of their lavish life in heaven and were intrigued by the opportunity for excitement on Earth. As a result, the two great gods embarked to the lesser land, disguised themselves as poor wayfarers, and were determined to judge how hospitable the people of Phrygia truly were. Once there, Jupiter and Hermes wandered the land knocking on the door of each hut in hope of…

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