Honor, Honor And Honor Essay

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What exactly is honor? This specific question has existed throughout all of time and history. Whether the actual definition or how the people protected their honor, it has been a part of all time. If somebody is honorable they are selfless, they put others needs before theirs, they are highly respected, and they do the right thing. Even though honor has existed since the beginning of time, it has changed over time and in cultures. Some people might argue that honor hasn’t changed over time, that the honor in the world today is the same honor the world had in the past, present and will have in the future. According to The Art of Manliness, a blog about manly things, “Horizontal honor = mutual respect,” (The Art of Manliness). Honor is respect. The world sees respect as a sign of honor. It is even in the actual definition by Merriam Webster, “ Honor: respect that is given to someone who is admired,”(“Honor”). These two definitions of honor are the same, and since these definitions are the same it means that honor has not changed. However, honor has changed with society. Honor has slowly changed and adapted to fit into each society. Alexander Hamilton’s and Aaron Burr’s duel is an example of honor in the eighteen hundreds. “American patriot, Alexander Hamilton is seen defending his honor by accepting Aaron Burr’s challenge to a duel,”(“Honor”). In the 1800’s when a man was trying to eliminate another man’s honor or have it deemed questionable the two would…

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