Essay on History of African Americans in America 1865-1960’s

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History of African Americans in America 1865-1960’s

Georgia Root

HIS204: American History since 1865

Mark D. Bowles

March 18, 2013

History of African Americans in America 1865-1960’s

African Americans in America in history have gone through many hard times trying to just progress out of slavery and obtain freedom and have equal rights. In this paper I will attempt to explain what some of the important events of the time revealed about the role of African Americans in broader American society in, respectively, the 1920s and the late 1960s. I will explain how and why the roles of African Americans in the 1920s differed from their roles in the late 1960s, and explain how events in the 1920s may have contributed to
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The blacks at this time did not have an education and most could not read or write. They were not allowed to obtain and education so as to keep them from leaving the enslavement of the plantation owners of the South. The education they did get was for their children at this time and it was very restricted and limited to small churches or . Racism was everywhere and the laws were not being upheld by many of the Southern States. Many slaves that were able to obtain freedom moved to the North in hopes of a better life. They sought work in northern industrial towns that were far removed from their plantations and the agricultural past that they knew so well. While African Americans took their smithing, bricklaying, cabinetmaking, and other skills to the industrial towns, they were met with strong resistance from white artisans, who feared that the new arrivals would take away their work. In many cases, violence broke out between the black and white workers (Bowles, 2011). The North was not as bad since the Ku Klux Klan were not there but, they were kept very well segregated and expected to keep a low profile or violence would come to them. Even though they were free they were still on a long road to truly being free. The changes of the past were not enough to truly give them the rights as an equal to the white man. The white man always found a way to manipulate the laws to their advantage. It would not be until the 1920’s before

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