Historical And Contemporary Issues Associated With The Apartheid System Of South Africa

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Historical and contemporary issues associated with the apartheid system of South Africa The apartheid era of South Africa refers to the time period of 1948-1994 where the political system in power enforced strict legislation promoting racial segregation. Apartheid which literally means separateness, was the slogan used by the Afrikaner National Party for their victorious electoral campaign in 1948. Racial segregation had been a prominent theme in South Africa well before the apartheid era began, South Africa as a whole has never fully been able to shake the oppressive and racist attitudes that dominated in its colonial past. In 1913 just three years after South Africa gained its independence the government passed the Land Act which forced black South Africans to live on reserves. The Afrikaner party’s manifesto looked to build off of the Land Act and further separate the non-white majority from the white minority. Needless to say, the apartheid era was a dark time for South Africa filled with many sociological and racial issues, unfortunately many of these problems have resurfaced again in modern day. The biggest issue during this time was the segregation of black South Africans. Under the Afrikaner government the previous reservation system was updated into the homeland system, 13 percent of the land in South Africa was reserved for black “homelands” in typically unproductive areas of South Africa. Under the apartheid “separate development” policy ten different homelands…

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