Essay on Hip Star Michael Jackson And Rapper Lil Kim

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their makeup, the style of their hair, the designer clothes and the importance of flawless skin. They have been brainwashed into believing that it was their decision to become the person they are today and in all reality it was the lifestyle that they had to adjust to, to ensure their success in the fast paced, demanding industry.
Most celebrates and musicians are an example of this. Getting plastic surgery on parts of their body that they believe will conform them to the societal expectations they lie in. Unfortunately, there have been examples of celebrates that will go even further then plastic surgery. Pop star Michael Jackson and Rapper Lil Kim did something that allowed them to become a lighter complexion. This is called Skin Bleaching, this causes a tone or provides and even skin complexion by reducing the melanin concentration in the skin, and when looking at a before and after picture of Michael Jackson and a before and after picture of Lil Kim it is clear that they took it way too far. These type of drastic decisions are made through what most people say about their appearance, it starts out as just getting a bit of Liposuction, to Plastic Surgery to their cheeks or nose that soon causes them to think that there is more work they can get done and the more changes that occur the more they begin to loose themselves and soon they get to the point where not only do people not recognize who they are but they do not even recognize themselves, not only on the outside,…

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