Helping With Ending Unemployment, And Disadvantaged People For Eligible Jobs

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According to economist Edmund Phelps, professor at Columbia University, attempted to explain a solution for both the employee and business as a whole to benefit in his quest to assist with ending unemployment, and disadvantaged people for eligible jobs. Mr. Phelps explained and assigned the issues into two categories including the side effects of welfare, and his argument for subsidies or a reward allowance to employers who assisted or agreed with his view or assessment to assist the working poor. Incentive Marketing is defined as “a program designed to incent specific behavior to achieve desired results. Incentive programs are typically used to motivate employees, customers, sales reps, resellers, etc. Incentive programs may be used as a means to achieving any type of results - sales, performance, purchase timeframe - but are typically used to achieve those results within specific period of time only” (Fox, 2012). Welfare abuse has been a problem throughout the United States for a while now. Not only the cost financially, but in relation to the availability of positions and has steadily increased since the 1960’s. While it is without question that individuals in some cases work harder to “trick” the system rather than utilize it for the true intention; I believe it will continue to be a problem until we as a country dictate “enough is enough”. Many businesses battle the double-edged sword in regards to the amount of compensation awarded to an employee, and the risk of…

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