Essay on Hedda Gabler, By Henrik Ibsen

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“Jealousy is a mental cancer” (B.C. Forbes). This quote summarizes the 1860 play, Hedda Gabler, and the main protagonist’s battle with her own internal pressures. The play could be analyzed through several perspectives such as Marxism, feminism and existentialism. In Henrik Ibsen’s Hedda Gabler, the tone of this play is one that tries to show the blunders of the Victorian rules which give Hedda depression and stress, leading to internal pressures such as materialism, manipulation, and jealousy which ultimately lead to her suicide.
To begin with, Hedda is a very materialistic person. She loves gaining materialistic possessions, and she always wants more from George. George says “Is there anything the matter with you, Hedda? Eh?” Hedda says “I 'm only looking at my old piano. It doesn 't go at all well with all the other things.” Tesman says “The first time I draw my salary, we 'll see about exchanging it.” (Ibsen, 28). The request made by Hedda to George is very self-centred since she already owns one piano and wants another one. She only wants another piano because it would look more pleasing with her furniture. Not only does she want to get another piano, but she also wants to keep the old one. Only a person who is a victim of their desires would be pleased by material objects. During the course of this play we have come to realize the greed Hedda has for gaining material things because she thinks it will bring her happiness. She is truly a victim of her own thoughts and…

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