Heart Of Darkness And The Poisonwood Bible By Joseph Conrad And Barbara Kingsolver

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A Comparison of Two Evils In the novels Heart of Darkness and The Poisonwood Bible by Joseph Conrad and Barbara Kingsolver, both authors effectively utilize point of view, imagery, and symbolism to convey the central themes of good versus evil and race superiority. In both novels, the characters grapple with personal beliefs and doing what is humane. Throughout these novels, Conrad and Kingsolver both use a variety of images and symbols, as well as points of view that are similar, yet independent in their own respects.
In the novel Heart of Darkness, Marlow, the captain is one of the narrators, while another anonymous passenger is as well. Through this novel, Marlow and the passenger describe the events aboard their ship, the Nellie. Throughout the voyage through Africa, the captain and passenger both recount tales of horrible brutality and hate between the colonizers and the Native Americans. This emphasizes the theme of race, and how the colonists believed they were superior mainly because they “conquered” the land. When in reality, the native tribes had been on the land in Africa for decades. Marlow is an agent for the Company, a Belgian ivory trading firm. Throughout his journey, they learn about Kurtz, a god and prisoner of the natives. After rescuing Kurtz, Marlow’s point of view shows us how he succumbs to madness and disease. The novel primarily focuses on how the “savages” are treated. After coming to the realization that they were being treated wrongly, Marlow…

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