Heart Of Darkness And The Film Apocalypse Now Essay

767 Words Jan 22nd, 2016 4 Pages
Found within every man, woman, or child is a hidden shadow that only flickers and veils itself from the light. This darkness within can be overwhelming or a small part of that person, waiting to grow larger as circumstances befall that individual. Some may argue that darkness is not a trait born within an individual and they can believe that, but what is true is that the darkness someone might have is ultimately crafted by the situations they go through and how they perceive them. In the novel Heart of Darkness and the film Apocalypse Now, the development of each characters ' darkness is evident along with the circumstances that lead to those changes within them, even if some of the situations may vary, there are increasing amounts of metaphors that reflect that darkness. The title of the book by Joseph Conrad literally states Heart of Darkness, leading to the interpretation that something or everything within this novel is going to lead to some form of darkness being discovered. Apocalypse Now does the same thing; however, it does not blatantly state darkness, but the word apocalypse does not seem like a word that could be connected to positive things. When thinking of the word apocalypse most things that come to mind are: disaster, negativity, and (essentially) darkness. Neither the novel or film break from this starting theme of darkness, from start to end of the Congo or of the war there lies darkness, it is always apparent. Darkness in these two stories was not always…

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