Hamlet, By William Shakespeare Essay

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The outcome of events occurring in the future can be directly determined by the events of the past; as explained by H. Kellert. Essentially, this means that everything requires a set of actions to begin and that each action invokes further action. Through William Shakespeare’s Hamlet, it is clearly seen that while an individual may attempt to reorder his world, it ultimately leads to chaos for himself, and the rest of society. This is seen through Hamlet as he attempts to reorder his world by seeking revenge for Claudius, and restoring power in Denmark. Next, Claudius follows his ambitions by primarily killing king Hamlet amongst other characters to receive kingship; however, his power hungry ambitions ultimately lead to his death. Similarly, Laertes’s quest to avenge his father’s death ends in complete chaos for himself and the kingdom of Denmark.

Hamlet, the protagonist in the play, is a character who attempts to reorder his world throughout the plot, although his actions only create chaos in the kingdom. In the play, Hamlet greatly suffers from his father’s death. With the idea of reordering his world, Hamlet acts with attempts to seek revenge; however, his efforts lead to major chaos. This is primarily seen with the murders of Polonius and Laertes. Hamlet murders the two innocent men in order to achieve revenge, and retribution for Claudius - the murderer of his father. His “rash and bloody” (III, iv, 26-28) actions demonstrate the chaos that arises from Hamlet 's…

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