Hamlet And Tragedy In William Shakespeare's Hamlet

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Hamlet is a Renaissance tragedy by William Shakespeare set in Elsinore castle in Denmark around the 1300-1400s. It is one of Shakespeare’s most well-known plays, and I bet that many people who haven’t even heard of the play have heard the phrase, “To be or not to be”. I was very excited to read this famous story, and see how I would like it.
The play begins on a dark night with the appearance of a ghost who represents Hamlets recently deceased father, King Hamlet. This ghost tells Hamlet that he has been murdered by his brother Claudius to steal the throne from him, and he says that Hamlet should do whatever it takes to get revenge. Hamlet then becomes obsessed with proving King Claudius guilty, and it drives him somewhat mad. He also becomes
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He is the Prince of Denmark, son of Queen Gertrude and the deceased King Hamlet. He despises Claudius because he knows that he killed his father, and he is mad at his mother for betraying her husband. He becomes obsessed with proving Claudius guilty. He is a university student and loves asking philosophical questions that don’t really have a question. (Ex: “To be or not to be”) His flaw is that he behaves too impulsively; this is seen when he accidentally stabs Polonius instead of Claudius through a curtain because he didn’t check to make sure it was the correct man.
Claudius is the antagonist of the play. He is Hamlet’s uncle. All he cares about is maintaining his power; as shown that he killed his own brother to get the throne. He is very good at using his words to manipulate people. He is very scared of Hamlet because of his obsession with proving the king guilty. He becomes terrified when he finds out from Gertrude that Hamlet killed Polonius. He tries to kill Hamlet with a poisoned goblet, but ends up accidently killing

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