Human Papillomavirus Does Not Cause Cancer

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Human papillomavirus is extremely common sexually transmitted infection in United States and it can lead to very serious health problems with the sign and symptoms of genital warts to invasive malignancies including cervical vaginal, vulvar, penile and oral cancer (World Health Organization, 2015). There are two types of sexually transmitted HPV. Low- risk HPV and High-risk HPV. Low-risk HPV causes skin warts around genitals, mouth anus or throat and it does not causes cancer. On the other hand High-risk HPV causes cancer. Approximately 14 million new genital HPV infections occur each year. According to Centers for Disease and Prevention (CDC) that nearly more than 90% percent to 80% of sexually active men and women get infected with one of the type of HPV and half of them get infected by high-risk HPV type. Mostly high-risk HPV infections are asymptomatic and resolve in one to two years and does not causes cancer but some of them continue for many years and leads to changes in cell and if not treated will cause cancer (National Cancer Institute, 2015).
These cancers can be prevented by human papillomavirus vaccine. According to schedule released by CDC for 2016 immunization, HPV vaccination is recommended for both boys and
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It is a series of 3 doses of HPV vaccine at the interval 0, 1-2 and 6 months to all kids aged 11 to 12 years (CDC, 2016). Also mostly all the health insurance cover the cost of HPV vaccine and if they don’t have insurance coverage they can benefit from Vaccine for Children program for free or low cost (CDC, 2015). It is approved by Food and Drug Administration and CDC approved it safe and effective and no serious safety issued notified (CDC, 2015). The most important benefit of vaccination is protection against HPV and it will also reduce and prevent the morbidity and mortality rate associated with HPV

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