Essay about Grief By William Shakespeare 's Play

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Loving after death As Anne Lindbergh once said, “Grief can 't be shared. Everyone carries it alone. His own burden in his own way.” During one’s life time, we will undergo the bitter emotion grief. Whether it from illness, old age, murder, or suicide we will all be companied by grief at some point. Grief can affect us all so differently. Grief is a process. It consist of two part; the first being the loss and the second is the remaking of a life without that person. In William Shakespeare’s play Hamlet there are numerous times we see the emotions of grief being portrayed by Prince Hamlet as he learns how to carry his burden, alone. Grief can be experienced in plethora of ways; mental, emotional, physical, or social reactions. Hamlet begins the grieving process facing mental and emotional distress. He feels depressed and saddened after losing his father. However shortly after discovering that his father’s death was not incidental and could have been avoided he becomes angry. In Act one, Scene five the King’s ghost tells Hamlet to “Revenge his foul and most unnatural murder”. (pg. 23) Which only fueled the fire in Hamlet’s soul to seek revenge for his father. He knew he could not let his father down, but he was unsure of how to kill his Uncle Claudius who now reins as king. Grief can persuade people to do things they would not necessarily do in their own state of mind. Without questioning Claudius and his own beliefs Hamlet begins to plan his revenge. He intends to kill…

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