Grendel 's Mother And The Dragon Essay

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The epic poem, “Beowulf” describes the story of a valiant, honorable Knight as he battles a variety of mysterious creatures. Throughout the text, each monster intensifies their tactics of combat as Beowulf equally changes his methods of preparation; each time Beowulf engages in arming himself, he dresses to appropriately balance the level of power that his enemy bestows. Respectively, Grendel signifies a contrasting value in regards to the old Pagan and new Christian lifestyles. Grendel’s mother and the Dragon bring forth the concepts of revenge and greed. Each creature Beowulf encounters embodies the outlook on a variety of customs and traditions throughout approximately the 10th century.
The first creature that Beowulf faces is known as Grendel; he is a demon that terrorizes Hereot, Hrothgar’s mead hall, due to his distaste of parties that are held daily. He is implied to appear as a large, unsociable, and shadowed demon equipped with long claws and a tough exterior. Mercilessly, the creature that is suggested to be, “among Cain’s race,”(line 107) brutally murders Hrothgar’s thanes. As a result, Grendel represents the implication of conflict between pagan and Christian customs as religious connotations are directed towards the justification of his demeanor and actions. The poem insinuates that because Grendel is a descendent of Cain, it is in his nature to live wickedly. Grendel is compared to the joyous guests that rejoice in the treasures and celebration granted by…

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