Great Expectations Theme Analysis

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AUTHOR: CHARLES DICKENS TIME PERIOD: VICTORIAN NOVEL 1800’S Theme Analysis Of Great Expectations In the novel Great Expectations by Charles Dickens, the themes show the author 's intentions of why he wrote the novel Great Expectations. The themes also express the overall idea of the novel. The major themes of Great Expectation are social class, dreams is also one of Great Expectations themes. Redemption is also one of the important themes in Great Expectations. Social class is one of the major themes because it determines how a person was treated, in the victorian era. In the novel Great Expectations social class insists of rich, middle, poor, and criminals. The rich class
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Tragedy is a significant tone in Great Expectations because the characters of the novel cannot earn respect and make a good life in victorian era. Pip’s life itself is tragic because he went through a lot before he got rich. At first he was harassed by a convict, than when he tries to get a good quality education his work as an apprentice comes in the way. When Pip tries to achieve happiness from becoming rich and trying to gain Estella loves, he is turned down by her when she tells him that she does not love him back. This is tragic because Pip went through a lot to become rich and have a higher social class just so he can be with Estella. Due to the fact that Estella is an item that Miss.Havisham’s uses for getting vengeance towards other men, Estella is a victim of Miss.Havisham’s cruel behavior towards other men. This is tragic because the only reason she turns down Pip is because she does not want to hurt him like she does with the other …show more content…
The setting os the first section is a home in the marshes of Kent, In which a young orphan boy named Pip lives with his sister and her husband. The second section takes place when that young boy meets a young girl named Estella, which pip starts to have feelings for. The third section is when Magwitch escapes prison just so he can become Pip 's benefactor. The fourth section takes place when Pip becomes a gentleman and realizes that life is not all about society class and wealth. The first section of the novel is mostly about what Pip went through when he was a young boy. It begins with a convict taking Pip and making Pip bring food and file for the his leg irons. Which Pip brings the stuff, but when the police catch the convict, the convict takes all the blame for the stuff that was stolen. Some time after that Pip is apprenticed to his brother in law, Joe who is a blacksmith. Which he is unhappy, and tries to get an education, but because of the work he does not get time for

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