Great Expectations By Charles Dickens Essay

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In Great Expectations by Charles Dickens, the protagonist of the story, Philip Pirrip, or more commonly known as Pip, begins the story as a child. He is young and inexperienced and has high expectations of the world, even though his expectations do not seem large at first, as the story progresses, his expectations grow bigger until they finally crash down around him. Pip has strong morals, he knows what is right and wrong, but his expectations are too high to always do the right thing. He wants to achieve the highest goal, and that can be shown through his thoughts of Estella. He meets her through Miss Havisham, who wants them to meet because of her ideals that men deserve to be punish, which results in Miss Havisham teaching Estella to break Pip’s heart. Pip’s realization that Estella was not meant for him changed his expectations of the world, influenced the theme of the book, and was the key moment in his shift from youth to maturity. When Miss Havisham reveals to Pip that his sole reason for meeting Estella was for her to break his heart, Pip’s expectations began as his expectance of the world to give him what he wants, despite not getting what he wanted for the beginning portion of his life. When he begins working for Jaggers, his expectations rise along with his social class as he realizes that he can become more that what the world has already given to him, and suddenly he thinks he can earn the world, which is represented by the way he spends all of his money…

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