Essay on Good Health Is The Key Component Of Survival

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For example, Tunica County illustrated one of the highest percentage of families living below the poverty level of 50.5 percent, and the highest unemployment which was 17 percent, with the exception of Humphreys and Yazoo, all selected counties in the Mississippi Delta were marked by double-digit unemployment rates and high family poverty rates, from 27.9 percent in Washington County. Regardless, of how poverty is measured deprived people that deal with the challenges of being poor are more likely to have health issues. Good health is the key component of survival. This entire region of Mississippi is suffering from lack of education and high density of bad health. In the Delta, many residents do not have the income to afford proper health insurance. In addition, Harrington wrote in an emblematic passage to illustrate how being a victim of poverty your health is another factor that goes unnoticed, He began by stating:
The poor get sick more than anyone else in the society. That is because they live in the slums, jammed together under unhygienic conditions; they have inadequate diets, and cannot get decent medical care. When they became sick, they are sick longer than any other group in society. Because they are sick more often and longer than anyone else, they lose wages and work, and find it difficult to hold a steady job. And because of this, they cannot pay for good housing for a nutritious diet for doctors. At any given prospect is to move to an even lower level and to…

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