Gone Girl By Gillian Flynn Essay

1111 Words Oct 14th, 2015 null Page
The novel Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn is primarily about how perceptions affect relationships, marriage, and the disastrous consequences of those perceptions in various ways. Gone Girl is written so that the reader is getting the current story from the male main character Nick Dunne, while simultaneously seeing glimpses into the past according to the female main character Amy Elliott nee Dunne. This alternating view helps the reader see the differences between the male and female characters attitudes and behaviors over time. Although somewhat jarring in the novel, this dual approach to story telling was much more effective when viewed in the movie adaptation of the novel. While presumably, a novel written by a woman with a female main character would paint women in a positive light that is not the case here. The main female character of Gone Girl, Amy Dunne is portrayed as everything from a loving wife and a victim of abuse to a liar and master manipulator while her husband, Nick Dunne is portrayed as a loving husband, abuser, killer, cheater, and a liar. The novel, Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn is brilliant yet, horrifyingly problematic in the way that it wields gender stereotypes to put a new twist on a classic story. Flynn describes the main characters Amy and Nick Dunne as equal and independent through their courtship and the early years of their marriage but as circumstance change these roles shift to more classic ones. Originally, both Amy and Nick are successful writers,…

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