Glorification In She Walks In Beauty By Lord Byron

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“She Walks in Beauty” by Lord Byron is a poem consisting of a mere eighteen lines which in those eighteen line manages to reveal a form of beauty that many people living in the fast track miss during their lifetimes. It is a form of beauty that is shown in this poem through a woman but it is also a form of beauty that requires one to perceive it a certain way to enjoy the immenseness of the beauty. This poem is divided into three different stanzas each of which describes the nameless women in comparison to the beauty of the night while getting more and more abstractly detailed as the poem progresses. This poem is a glorification of the immense beauty of a woman on every scale from physical to beyond and its goal of glorification is amped …show more content…
The speaker reveals this tone in lines two and three when he says: “Of cloudless climes and starry skies; / And all that’s best of dark and bright” (Byron 594). This reveals that the speaker is admiring even praising the nameless women by comparing her to the darkness and the brightness of the nighttime star lite sky in all of its glory. Carried along with this tone is the alliteration found in line two which is used to further convey the idea of admiration by implying that the speaker of the poem is for them, willing to find the right words to describe the nameless women words. That not just any words will do to match what he is viewing but that the speaker must select and use words that the nameless women herself will be impressed with this are not just words picked and thrown together the speaker reveals this admiration to a much greater degree by using words that ensure the nameless women will be impressed with what he has to say. This ideal that the speaker uses the alliteration to farther his point that the nameless women is beauty to the point that it is worth speaking beautifully to her is reiterated again in line thirteen when the speaker says: “Where thoughts serenely sweet express” (Byron 594). This not only confirms that the speakers choice of words was used to signify true thought …show more content…
If even the amount of lightness or darkness she has on her were to change her beauty would then be altered and it would in turn would be lost. This also reveals that the speaker feels as though the woman’s beauty is so illustrious that even the elements that only gods can control could further her beauty and even if the gods themselves were to try all they would do is ruin her beauty not increase it. The speaker refers to her grace as nameless this implies that the beauty she does have in this moment is so transcending that not even he knows what words to use in order to properly admire her. Although the fact that even the speaker himself claims he cannot think of words fitting for the beauty he sees on this woman that does not stop him from trying because the entirety of this poem is the speaker attempting to explain how beautiful the woman look despite his statement that he cannot put her beauty into words. The fact that the speaker still tries reveals even more sincerity for the words he speaks because he is attempting to put her

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