Essay about Globalization : A Positive And Negative Impact

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Globalization has both a positive and negative impact throughout the world and society today. The negative aspects of globalization can be seen as inequalities spread throughout the world today. Having the chance to travel to so many countries, I have gotten the experience to see and analyze the wealth inequality in all the different countries from the United States, to the Caribbeans, and parts of Europe. When someone thinks of global inequality, they can think of racial segregations when traveling to different countries and are in the present of different cultures and societies. However, it is not just racial segregation, but there are also religious and sexist beliefs that come from different cultures and countries. For example, in some countries it is illegal to smoke marijuana, and some it is not. Another example would be for women can 't; be seen standing in public without a man right next to her, where in other countries this type of rule would be considered crazy. All these laws are based on the social norms and cultures, it all leads to global inequality.
The incarceration rate in the United States is much higher than other countries. Many think that we have the highest crime rates among violence but it is because of the formal norms in this country that others do not have. Our drug and prostitution laws are illegal here, yet they are legal in many countries throughout Europe. It must be noted that in middle eastern nations, it is illegal for a woman to walk the…

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