Essay on Global Population Growth Rises, Consumption Of Households

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As global population growth rises, consumption of households will increase. Consequently, the amount of waste they generate rises globally. In addition, Hoonrweg and Bhada-Tata (2012) points out that economic development is one of the factors that contributes to the rate of wastes produced, besides the scale of industrialization, public habits and local climate. Higher economic development in a country (which is shown by an increase in economic growth) means the income level of households increases, and this is highly correlated to the consumption. The consumption of goods and services consequently increases, as does the amount of waste produced. Based on the data collected in 2005, the higher population and economic growth in a region, the more waste generated per capita per day.
By 2020, these amounts will increase and carry serious consequences in the whole world. If it is not managed properly, the impacts will be more severe. Implementation of appropriate waste management policy is needed to overcome this issue; which is reducing the production of waste and using the recycled materials. This essay will explain the definition and classification of waste and waste management, the contribution of waste management to the use of recycled materials, and the external costs which the policies try to correct.
Before going further, this essay will present some terms related to waste and waste management. Waste is all materials which are disposed because they are no longer…

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