Essay on George Orwell 's Animal Farm

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In 1924, Joseph Stalin seized power and became the leader of the Soviet Union. This vicious dictator was truly a pure evil, who turned the Soviet Union into a slaughterhouse. "The only real power comes out of a long rifle." Joseph Stalin. The visions Stalin had for his country were revealed to the public through George Orwell 's Animal Farm. This novella symbolizes every aspect of the Russian Revolution, including several specific leaders and followers such as Napoleon and Boxer. Napoleon symbolizes Joseph Stalin, and Boxer symbolizes the working class who blindly follow Napoleon. Just as in the Russian Revolution, Napoleon and Boxer have dire consequences on the well-being of Animal Farm; Napoleon 's vicious wrath disassembles the foundations in which animal farm is built, and the way Boxer follows blindly adds to the power of Napoleon. Just like the tyrannical leader Joseph Stalin, Napoleon in Animal Farm is a cruel, controlling, and self-serving pig who uses fear to control the animals into doing his bidding and creating an empire. Napoleon uses his power to make the lives of the animals more miserable, and to destroy the freedom and equality of all the animals. Napoleon chases Snowball off the farm immediately after he began winning the vote of the other animals. Snowball was the only pig who was able to stand up to Napoleon, and provided security and strong leadership. Napoleon did not want to have another pig in charge; as a result, he uses his KGB dogs to exile…

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