Essay about Generation Of Generation And Generation

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Generation Y, also known as Millennials are unlike any generation this world has ever seen. Each generation has differences however; Generation Y seems to be the most diverse. I believe while my generation, generation Y, is highly underestimated. Other generations only see the surface of what our generation is made up of. Quite frankly many only tend to look at the negatives, like being a generation full of narcissists, and being babied to much by our parents. We as a generation may look like this at first glance, but, every generation has its negatives. As Millennials, yes we have negatives, but our positives outnumber the negatives. We as Millennials are often criticized however, we are similar to Generation X; we have just grown up in a more educated society, a world of technology, and a society with higher expectations. Unlike Generation X, Millennials have grown up with a more educated society. Those of other generations give us less credit than we as a generation deserve. Many think that since we are so caught up with a screen that we do not notice what is around us, I believe this is not true. In The New Greatest Generation Joel Stein has created a chart talking about each generation, it is said that, “Generation Y, they came of age in the shadow of 9/11 and amid the rise of the new media. First-wave millennials are now in their early careers amid a slow global economic recovery, with high unemployment and concerns about future national debt (30).” While this quote…

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