Generation Agp Essay

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I was born and raised in the Caribbean in a very modest family. I grew up with my grandparents, and I believed that they gave me the best of them. I migrated to United States when I was 27 as a college graduate student, and with a very good formation. The reason that I started with this was because I believed this played a major role in which I am right now, and the way I handled difficult situation especially in my workplace. There was difficulty everywhere even in my family. At work I have encountered many of them. In this paper, I am going to relate my interaction with three different people at my workplace. Auva is a 57 years old woman with 2 kids my age who has been working as a nurse for about 25 years. Danielle was 41 years old …show more content…
Whatever I did was not done the proper way. When I returned home later at night, I couldn’t even sleep; sometimes I even cried because I did not know how to handle this situation. At some point, I even thought all these badly-behaved arrogances were brought up because of my complexion; I started blaming myself; it turned out that I was wrong. That was her mindset, her personality type that put her in a position where she couldn’t get along with no one. I had to request a change in preceptor before thing would be getting worse. I just learned not too long ago that she had to become a floater because of her bossy style. According to Lower (2006): “Work has potential to become either an arena for long lasting friendship, or a hostile environment if the different styles of each generation are not understood and allowed to have a role in the unit’s social culture” (p. 103) From this I could say the generation gap was not the real problem; we were from the same generation; Instead I would say personality type was the main point to be considered. I did believe that the management did not do a good job by putting me with her because they know her very well. As far as I learned from one of my boss, she had been like that toward many of new RN for many years. They haven’t done anything to solve that challenge. “Diversity is one of the latest buzzwords in corporate America. The future success of employees, supervisors

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