Gender And Sexuality From The 19th Century Essay examples

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Gender and Sexuality from the Medieval to the 19th Century Throughout written history there have been a set of rules about typically anything one can fathom, from style of dress to the way one could worship, from who could own land to how a certain person could wear their hair. It is no surprise that these rules, enforced by society through social and judicial means, extended themselves into the subject of sexuality even if the terminology was different during the period. We get concepts of good and bad repeatedly throughout different times and different subjects simply to define what is acceptable, and unacceptable within a culture. Within the history of sexuality, from early medieval times to the late Victorian period (the 19th Century) concepts of good sex can be characterized by sex that was within marriage, procreative, and subscribed to typically male and female gender roles (discussion, Sex and Christianity). Bad sex in contrast would be sex falling out of those terms, fornication that could deviate to include fornication, lust, nudity, or span to fit whatever behavior the culture felt needed to be socially curbed at that period of time (discussion, Sex and Christianity). From the medieval period to the late 19th century there was a marked change in the way that gender and sexuality were individually and as a whole perceived by society when being used to define good and bad sex, sexual relationships, and sexuality as a whole. Although sexual proclivities were…

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