Essay on Free Will : Paradise Lost And Oroonoko

1530 Words Nov 7th, 2015 null Page
Free will is defined as the power of acting without the constraint of necessity or fate; the ability to act at one’s own discretion. Two texts that I feel deal heavily with free will are Paradise Lost and Oroonoko. In Paradise Lost, Adam and Eve experience the struggle for free will with God, as they go through trials and eventually end up being removed from the Garden of Eden. In Oroonoko, is about an African man who is taken from his home along with his wife, and is forced into slavery. He then tries to escape from his newfound servitude, which ends in his death. Both texts explore the main characters longing to truly be free for the first time, or to return to their previous state of freedom. Paradise Lost and Oroonoko discuss the concept of free will by showcasing their characters desire to escape from their current situation and acquire the free will that is being held from them. A main component of free will is being able to make your own decisions. In Paradise Lost, God created Adam and Eve with the purpose of giving them their own free will. All though he did want them to glorify them, he wanted to give them opportunity to chose on their own, without being forced to. God also made the choice to not completely control every facet of their lives. This is shown when God is discussing what he sees when Satan is on his way to earth: “ Directly towards the new created world, And man there placed, with purpose to assay, If him by force he can destroy, or, worse, By some…

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