Foreign Assistance And Foreign Aid Essay

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The perception of being a beggar nation is a central tenant to the level of which the Rwandan government views the positives and negatives of foreign aim. For most donors, the distribution of foreign aid is often based on good will nature desires to see growth and development in developing nations. Specifically, its focus is for the promotion of economic, social and governance development. The good intentions of foreign aid are sometimes misperceived, because of either different actors having different understandings to the reasons behind the distribution of the foreign aid. The second misperception originates from how the designed goal of the foreign aid sometimes is saturated in language that seems so highly focused that the message behind it becomes unclear for the receipting actor. This is not to deny the fact that some foreign aid does have conditionality that is placed in order to help promote the donors’ interest. Foreign assistance to the Rwandan government generally contains elements of desire by donors to see Rwanda rebuild itself from the 1994 genocide. However, there have been times such as in 2004, 2008 and 2012 when foreign aid was a mechanism of pursuing of donor’s interest of promoting political liberalism within the Rwandan government and regional peace. This creates conflict of desires, which often leads to a conflict of perceptions of why foreign aid is distributed.
For the Rwandan government, there are two narratives of why Rwanda receives foreign aid…

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