Flannery O Connor Revelation Short Story Analysis

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Introduction: Flannery O’Connor ambitiously sets out to make a reader face the grotesque nature of society and all it’s commonly concealed evils. In “Some Aspects of the Grotesque in Southern Fiction” Flannery O’Connor refers to herself as a “realist of distances.” Which means in order for her to explore the difficult and mysterious aspects of human existence she exaggerates the characters and ideas created in her stories. She considers the truly grotesque aspects of writing to be the most realistic. The reader should not recognize the grotesque as entertainment; its purpose is not fascination. Its purpose is to recognize the evils of the world and in tern yearn for redemption and progression. In O’Connor’s “Revelation” the deluded mental …show more content…
She becomes corrupt when she applies worldly values to spirituality. Her insecurities lead her to create a false version of herself thus leading her to create a false world around her. Each person Ruby judges is a form of her own projection and displacement of her insecurities. Ruby Turpin’s self-centered and self-proclaimed attitude, reveal her racist and classist view of religion. Her repetitive and artificial praise of God’s goodness to her illustrate the extremity self-deception, ignorance and unfathomably high amount of pride. In her grotesque understanding of Gods graces, she believes anyone born black, white trash or ugly have been cursed by God- these people are not worthy to live fulfilling blessed lives as they are not worthy of God’s love. If these people were loved by God as she is, they would not have been made of such lesser value. She finds value in herself by having things others don’t have. She has convinced herself she is a good Christian because she is always willing to help someone in need. Her pleasant Christian exterior deceives everyone around her, even herself, the only people it does not fool are Mary Grace and God. The fact that Mrs.Turpin will not or cannot admit to her own faults amplifies her sin even further. One of her worst sins is her inconsistency between her inner monologue and her outward

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