Feminist Analysis : The Field Of Feminism Essay

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Feminist analysis draws on and also has influenced every other literary theory: its applications intersect with gender and class, sexuality, race, ethnicity, psychology literary form and post-structuralist.”(Donald Hall (199)). The field of feminism is a contestable that nature captures the dynamism and excitement of recent development in theory as a cultural and critical phenomenon. For over years women have been aiming to establish equal rights and legal protection against patriacarial abuse. In the early 19th centuries, women’s movement was growing criticism about the predominance of white, western heterosexual women and their concerns as they affected women’s history. Feminist argued that the power relationship between men and women is just as important as that between social classes. The feminist movements are still going on until this day and are still working on many changes even though they have brought many women’s working at many jobs, professions and giving many women chances to play sports in the Olympics men still fight against women because they want oppression in a household or anywhere. In the “Yellow wallpaper” by Charlotte Perkins Gilman and The Awakening by Kate Chopin, they show how women are put in a state of mind because of men and then realize that there something better in life other than pleasing the husbands. In the short story “Of an Hour” by Kite Chopin, it reveals how when women’s finally lose their husbands they feel relieved instead of being…

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