Feminism And Women 's Empowerment Essay

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Feminism and women’s empowerment may appear as fairly modern concepts that became prominent in the United States since the late 20th century. Few may discover, however, that those modern ideas actually stem from older philosophies and theories. Feminism permeates throughout history; even the ancient Greeks discussed the roles and positions of women. The term “feminism”, however, is considered to have first appeared around the Enlightenment Era of Europe. The thoughts generated during this revolutionary period survived throughout the ages to influence the modern society. Those innovative thoughts have faced strong oppositions at times, but continue to remain inspiring for others. The emergence of many advocates of feminism during the French Revolution substantially impacted the societies; their ideas mainly set the foundation for modern women’s empowerment.
People initially began exploring new ideas in Europe as science and technology advanced. They started challenging tradition and the Old Regime—novel theories of different governments materialized, unique styles of art developed, and new perspectives on various populations formed. This tsunami of revolutionary thoughts led many societies to chaos, and eventually the French Revolution. The resulting chaos, however, ironically granted the underrepresented population, such as women, to reconsider their positions in society. Candice E. Proctor, an author and historian, suggests that women during the early days of the revolution…

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