Essay on Fdr 's New Deal Programs

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World War II ultimately recovered America from its depression, however, it was FDR response with the New Deal programs that stop Americas economic downfall, relieved hundreds of Americans, and reformed many policies, and consequently expanded government power. Therefore, FDR administration affectively responded to the problems of the Great Depression. FDR 's New Deal also seeks to provide relief for Americans. Unemployment rates were high and poverty was widespread due to the era of the Great Depression. To solve these problems, FDR created many programs and• organizations, such as the Federal Emergency Relief Administration, the Civil Works Administration, the Civilian Conservation Corps, and the Works Progress Administration. These programs allowed the government helps a little with the economic problem during the Great Depression and high employment. Poor women, and also men, were barely assisted by the government. (Document A) Urban unemployment represented a big problem in the US. To solve the unemployment Issue, FDR implemented the Civil Works Administration, which gave jobs to many people to build or repair roads, buildings, and other structures. This was very effective because it not only dealt with the problem of unemployment, but it also improved the deteriorating parts of the country. As the world was entering the Great Depression and the government step a foot in to assist people financially. Unfortunately, public works programs like these greatly increased the…

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