Argumentative Essay On What Makes A Family

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Webster dictionary defines family as “a group of individuals living under one roof and usually under one head.” But is that all it takes to make a family? You just have to live in the same place and follow the same person? Or is a family something much greater than that? Do you have to be related by blood or like according to Webster’s dictionary can people not related by blood be a family? Or is it possibly to have more than one family? Is being in a family now the same as it was 50 years ago? These are all questions that we have throughout our life.

To me a family isn’t something that you are born into, yes, your mother and father share their genes to create what you are when you are born, that’s true. It may be weird to think about but
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Is it two people who just got married, or best friends that have known each other their whole lives? According to ABC news, children are what make a family, 99.8% of people think that a husband with a wife and children are what gets you family status, while 92% said that just a husband and wife are a family. I think that family can be a lot more than just parents with children, a family can be just siblings taking care of one another, grandparents with their grandchildren, aunts and uncles with nephews and nieces, or even foster parents taking care of a child. As often as everyone says that blood is what makes you family I don’t think that is true at all. Blood makes your biological family, but I think more the feelings of it being a family makes it’s an actually family. Now what are the feelings of it being a family? A big part goes into the family values, according to “family values definition consists of ideas passed down from generation to generation. It boils down to the philosophy of how you want to live your family life.” Three of the most basic tasks of life have always boiled down to work, play, and love. These have been some of the oldest family traditions passed down from generation to generation, so family values are what your parents received from their parents who received it from their parents and so on. So these values can be vary dramatically depending on your background, religion, where you live and what kind of work …show more content…
He had the final say it about everything, children’s school, finically, how the house was run, pretty much the whole shebang was his show. He was the solo breadwinner so it was seen as he should be the one to make all the choices involving money. Nowadays the traditional family is less and less while the modern family has made a huge raise, the modern family is a family where the husband doesn’t make all the choices, the wife most likely has a good paying job, and unlike most traditional families a modern family won’t involve the grandparents as much. The size of the family has also changed, most traditional families were in fact bigger, involving more extended family and usually having more children then todays modern families. Another huge changed is the percent of married couples that now get divorced, in 1960 25% of marriages ended up in divorce, in 2012 that number is nearly doubled to 40%. Divorce today is seen as a much more socially acceptable then it was in the

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