Essay about Family Structure And Traditional Family Structures

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It won’t be quite an exaggeration to tell, gone are the days of the families where husbands were only to work and feed the family, and wives were limited to handling household chores and to raising the children. In the past, there were mainly two types of traditional families existing; the nuclear family, where the husband, the wives, and the unmarried children live together, and the extended family, which consists of other biologically related members added to the ones from nuclear family .However, cultural attitudes are adapting, and orthodox systems are declining, for people do have now multiple of choices when it comes to raising a family. Apart from the ever declining traditional family structure, the most prevalent family systems in today’s world are blended family, single parent family and cohabitation. Due to the various factors like increasing divorce rates; rising feminism, and changing views about the ideal family structure, it’s really not possible to expect a singularity among the families of modern societies in western civilization.
The Blended family system, which is widely accepted and so is practiced as an alternative to the traditional family, is merged out of multiple traditional families. The divorce rate surged during the 1950’s and 1960’s reaching almost 50% on 1970’s ; as a consequence, the traditional families, where both parents are biologically related to the children, were being split, giving a way for the blended families to be created.…

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