Fahrenheit 451 By Ray Bradbury Essay

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Society: Do not let it disintegrate

The society we live in differed from person to person, yet everyone could agree that it have to be strong to support everyone and everyday on the way of living their life’s and communicating. In Fahrenheit 451, by Ray Bradbury, A man in a dystopian society decides to become a rebel to break the rules that they have been living by their whole life. He started to understand and realizing that his life and everyone else’s is corrupt. Bradbury is trying to sends out messages that can be taken as warnings or threats for the future. He wants people today to understand and know about the possible dangers in our community and the whole world. One particular message the story is trying to send out to society is that society itself has destroys everyone’s dreams and goals when they forces everybody to be the same, not giving them enough information, making a mother to not really care about her daughters/ her sons and most importantly making love and marriage unemotional. Our world pretty much runs on love hope and dreams but if you take that away what do we have?
The first way society is destroying itself is when it forces and try to makes everyone to be alike. This is relevant in Fahrenheit 451 because their world is not motley. There’s an idea that being an outcast is bad and unfortunate. Even though Bradbury’s novel portrays these outcasts are a danger to society, they are otherwise they are known as the intellectual ones. Characters such as…

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