Factors Affecting The Human Population Essay

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One key component of growing crops is having an appropriate amount of water. The human population size is approximately six billion which means food supply is crucial to support these numbers. This creates a high demand for agricultural products because of the rapidly growing human population. The human population is expected to be as high as nine billion by 2050. As a result, industrial agriculture is increasingly being conducted in areas that are not naturally conducive to crop growth such as arid and semi-arid environments (Pimentel, et al., 2004). The main objective of industrial agriculture is to produce maximum yields on commodities to gain maximum profit. Probably the most important factor for supporting maximum yields in areas with insufficient rainfall is supplemental water. Even in regions that receive adequate rainfall to support a crop, farmers will sometimes apply supplemental irrigation. Irrigation practices account for a third of the world’s food production, and it is expected to rise to half by the middle of the century (Guan, Wang, Gao, & Lv, 2013). There are various irrigation methods used depending on the crop and region. Basin irrigation is used for crops like rice where fields are flooded to have standing water. Furrow irrigation consists of flooded channels that feed plants sitting above the water. Sprinkler irrigations are one of the most common methods because it is a straightforward and efficient way of covering a wide area similar to…

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