F. D. Salinger 's The Catcher Of The Rye Essay

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J. D. Salinger’s Catcher in the Rye, is a coming of age novel, narrated by Holden Caulfield a 17 year old teenager grappling with his transition into adulthood. Throughout the novel Holden tells us of his triumphs but mostly of his tribulations. Holden’s critical tone sets the mood for the novel in which he is constantly snarky and spiteful. Holden’s repetitive speech patterns demonstrate that his inability to change his ways of constantly criticizing everyone ultimately reflects his depression and insecurity, which is rooted in his troubled experiences. Salinger does this to convey that someone’s painful experiences can be projected onto others and used as a mechanism of self defense and as a reflection of their own troubles.
Holden consistently describes others as phony because he is insecure of his own social standing and is unsure if he is worthy of a title that is above being a phony. When put in social situations Holden feels as if he should use a fake name, ultimately showing that he is insecure of his own identity. Holden is out and about in Manhattan one night and decides to call up a girl to have a spur of the moment rendez-vous: “I laughed. ‘Thank you for the compliment,’ I said-- suave as hell. ‘Holden Caulfield 's my name.’ I should 've given her a phony name, but I didn 't think of it” (65). For Holden, the word phony is very negative and it’s a major insult to call someone a phony. When Holden is introducing himself in a romantic situation he feels as if he…

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