Existentialism Vs. Theism : Existentialism Essay

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Existentialism vs. Theism Existentialism is a philosophical belief in which one simply strives to find oneself and the purpose in life through one’s own responsibility and free will. Their belief is based on the thought that people are trying to search for themselves and their purpose for life through their own personal experiences and beliefs. It not the truth behind everything that is of importance but rather the unique experiences that one forms. The belief behind this is that a person is made so that they are responsible without the help of rules, traditions, and laws. Existentialism practices human free will and believes that the human nature is chosen through the choices in life. Since it is out of someone’s own will and without stress and consequence, some decisions are not rational. To do this, one must have a very strong responsibility and self-discipline. However, Existentialism does not account wealth, pleasure and other worldly possessions that make life good. Existentialism is not a concept where one has to think whether it benefits people or how it will morally right but it focuses on finding purpose and searching for the right thing to do. It does not focus on the moral values and correctness but rather how the intersubjective mind that makes morality a need. An example of the existential mind is if a person is called to war and the person has a decision to either go serve the army for the greater good or stay back to fulfill a personal good by taking care…

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