Examples Of Insanity In Macbeth

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In this project, I attempted to demonstrate concepts of insanity found within the play Macbeth by Shakespeare. First, I selected portions of the text that epitomized mentally unstable behaviors or exuded an impression of lunacy, primarily within specific characters like Macbeth and his wife, Lady Macbeth, since their orchestrations of the atrocious homicides of other figures of importance like King Duncan, Banquo, and Lord Macduff, also mentioned as the Thane of Fife, tremendously influenced their mentalities during the development of this tragedy. Parts that illustrate such mental instabilities include Macbeth’s hallucinations of a dagger covered in blood and the appearance of the spirit of the recently liquidated Banquo in scenes 2.1 and …show more content…
The effect on Lady Macbeth comes to a finale when she puts herself to eternal rest, likely due to her insanity and the torment she underwent from her mental instability. Surrounding the dispatch of the former king are portrayals of how the environment itself intrinsically authenticates the insanity and volatility of the circumstances. Examples include lines from scene 2.4 where and old man dictates that the darkness strangled the light, a mousing owl killed falcon, and that the horses of Duncan broke out in bestial fury and acted in cannibalistic manner. Indisputably, the natural world was in discord, reflecting the persons of the play. Secondly, I arranged the letters of the words using two Sharpie markers, one with a larger tip, and one with a finer tip in such a method that would indicate and accurately delineate insanity onto a normal sized piece of computer paper. I consequently scribed some words where all the letters were capital or written in cursive in order to emphasize instability, the lack of equilibrium, and

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