Evolution Of Human Nature : Charles Darwin 's The Descent Of Man

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The aspect of human nature has been a highly controversial topic throughout the centuries. There are many different perspectives and theories of how human nature occurs, as well as what differentiates humans from other animals. Evolution always has had a huge part in explaining human nature. Charles Darwin wrote The Descent of Man in the early 1870s, which applied the ideas of evolution into human nature.This book became a major gateway to the understanding of what human nature really and truly is. In The Descent of Man, in chapter 4, Darwin’s main goal is to answer the question, "Duty! Wondrous thought, that workest neither by fond insinuation, flattery, nor by any threat, but merely by holding up thy naked law in the soul, and so extorting for thyself always reverence, if not always obedience; before whom all appetites are dumb, however secretly they rebel; whence thy original?" (Immanuel Kant), which basically refers to the simplified question of what is the important and major difference between man and animals. “A moral sense or conscience, as soon as its intellectual powers had become as well, or nearly as well developed, as in ma” (Darwin) was the answer he believed was correct. He uses four reasons to explain why any animal with any sort of social and/or parental instincts, scubas humans would develop some kind of moral sense as its intellect developed. The first reason that Darwin gives us is considered to be social instincts which allows humans to experience…

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