Essay Evolution And The Theory Of Evolution

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From the various birds that navigate the skies to the beautiful aquatic life in the depths of the oceans, there is something that connects it all. Ever wondered about how there are so many of the same animals, but yet so different when taking a closer look. The theory of evolution has been introduced to mankind as an explanation to that very question. Although, Evolution is a very sensitive subject when talking to some people, most God fearing people shun the very ideology behind it. Some feel as though evolution challenges their religious beliefs on how the world really came to be. Those who typically do not agree with evolution more than likely do not have a clear understanding in the subject. The topic of this discussion will be geared toward gaining a common knowledge on the theory of evolution along with the Four Evolutionary Processes, while examining the Principles of Natural Selection.
The theory of evolution is a scientific theory that suggests that all life on earth, with time, can undergo a metamorphosis in gene structure and create different species who ultimately share a common lineage. The theory of evolution, coagulated by Charles Darwin, is a theory just as is the theory of relativity, or the theory of gravity. But unlike the theories of physics, biological theories, especially the theory of evolution, have been dubious in more social political areas. Still today, evolution is not primarily taught in public schools. Still, evolution is the force that…

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