Evil Is An Extreme Wrong Essay

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The perception of what is defined as wrong varies as much as the definition of what is defined as evil. Philosophers have argued that evil is a distinct category from wrong while others have opposed this idea, stating that evil is an extreme wrong. Thus, in terms of an act being both wrong and evil come to the terms that evil is or can be an extreme wrong. I will begin by arguing that evil is not in a different category of wrong, but it is a degree of wrong. Two given factors have been claimed to be categorized as evil motives, these factors are the intention of harm and the act of wrongdoings both are in terms of human actions. Yet, philosophers such as Eve Garrard argue that evil is qualitatively distinct from wrong. However, this objection is limited because it can be demonstrated certain acts are defined as both wrong and evil.
Notably, to understand the argument of how certain acts are evil, we must understand how evil is a form of wrong. In the sense of wrong, evil is a degree of an extreme wrong. For example, consider the case of the Holocaust. It is considered a wrong, because of the harm that caused millions of people. Philosopher, Claudia Card states in her work The Atrocity Paradigm, that the Holocaust is very bad and defining it as wrong is not enough. Many people agree with this and decide that the Holocaust is an evil. Card argues that the dimensions of evil is defined in terms of two factors; the first is culpable wrongdoing, and the second is unforeseeable,…

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