Everyday Use Is The Story Of A Mother Essay

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Everyday Use is the story of a mother and her relationship with her two conflicting daughters. The story begins as Maggie and mother wait anxiously for Dee 's arrival. This is Dee’s first visit to the new house and both mother and Maggie are extremely nervous as they anticipate Dee’s criticism of the house and their lifestyle. Dee and her boyfriend, Hakim-a-barber, soon arrive. Upon the ending of the awkward reunion, everyone gathers in the house for a meal. During the meal, Dee continuously picks out heirlooms around the house and asks mother if she can have them. Fearing the backlash, mother agrees until Dee asks to take two handmade quilts that have been promised to Maggie. Dee stands furious as her mother refuses to give her the quilts and instead gives them to Maggie. In the end Dee and Hakim-a-barber storm off angrily as mother and Maggie relax in the front yard.
In a literary sense, Everyday Use is often critiqued and analyzed by scholars who are searching for their own perspective within the writing. Diane M Ross is no stranger to critiquing short stories and she uses her own analysis of Everyday Use to elaborate on her perspective. Taking a closer look at the overall success of the short story, Ross credits its fluidity and meaning to the flexibility and unbiased nature of mama 's voice as the narrator. Ross then begins her analysis by summarizing the story and delves deeper into the points which she connects most with. Mainly, she focuses on the differing…

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