Eudora Welty 's A Worn Path Essay

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“A Worn Path” Eudora Welty’s “A Worn Path” is a nationally known narrative about Ms. Phoenix Jackson, an elderly African American woman living in the southern parts of the United States. Ms. Jackson has been through a lot in her lifetime due to the color of her skin, such as working in cotton fields. Ms. Jackson is a grandmother on a mission to get medication for her sick grandson, who many do not believe is still alive. Ms. Jackson’s age has taken a toll on her, as she is beginning to lose her memory and stamina. Ms. Jackson must overcome obstacles around her on her way into town, including a large hill that ends at the log over the creek, an old cotton and dead maze field, and the final leg of her journey, the ravine in the woods. Ms. Jackson, coming up on her first obstacle, is feeling tired and overwhelmed about the journey ahead of her. As she begins walking up the large hill her feet are already hurting. She has been walking for a while before she came up on the first obstacle so her feet should be hurting. She states that “The path run up a hill. ‘Seem like there is chains about my feet, time I get this far.’”(288) She has made the journey many times in the past as she states that “Something always take hold of me on this hill—pleads I should say.” (288) One is not sure where Ms. Jackson is heading, although they are wondering why she is on a journey at such a frail age. She makes her way to the log over the creek. Once there, “putting her right foot out, she…

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