Ethical Egoism Is A Moral Theory Essay

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According to Russ Shafer-landau: “ethical egoism is a moral tell us about what we are morally required and forbidden to do. Specifically, it say that there is one ultimate moral duty-to improve your own well- being as best you can. Whenever you fail to achieve this goal, you are behaving immorally”. (106, par2). This statement enclosed the justification and the base of the ethical egoism theory, therefore the pursuit of the well- being is the main purpose. Ethical egoism is a controversial moral theory, because it says that we should embrace the self- interest idea. That is whatever we do we should do in the pursuit of our own interest it does not matter if in the process of doing it we harm others. If we fail to do as the theory says we are behaving immorally, and going against the core rule of this theory which is the most important person is the individual himself whom should be working for his own interest. This theory have two main arguments the Self- Reliance Argument and the Libertarian Argument. The first one claims that “everybody must mind their own business, take the better path to make everyone better off, and ought to mind their own business and tend only to their own needs” (110, par 4). The first argument is confusing this a egoist theory that is asking to take a better path to make everyone better off while it is also asking to mind our own business, therefore it contradicts itself. If someone is minding their own business it let no…

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