Great Barrier Reef Issues

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One June evening in 1770, English explorer and naval officer Captain James Cook ran aground off the coast of Queensland, Australia. The loud noise of wood against stone really questioned him with what he may of hit. Little did he know that he would later discover this amazing coral reef that is the largest reef in the entire world. The reef itself is enormous, nearly 1,500 miles long off the coast of Australia. The irony here is that he did not even mean to make one of the world’s most famous discoveries: the largest structure in the world made of living organisms. “Today, the Great Barrier Reef is recognized as a site of such environmental importance that it is protected as a World Heritage Site” (Science Net Links). Unfortunately, this …show more content…
Needless to say, the media definitely knows how to blow stories out of proportion. Many media outlets online express different emotions for these bleaching’s. It seems that no media outlets know the truth behind this problem, except for the news outlets. While researching the public reception of this problem, it is safe to say that the public has mixed feelings for the Great Barrier Reef. Mixed feelings for a natural beauty is extremely pathetic. Everyone should care that the Great Barrier Reef is undergoing this dying problem. Since the reef is world known, one would think that every person cares right? Wrong! People responded to these articles stating they do not care about the reef, it is just rocks, nothing is living, it is the marine life’s problem not ours. While others are saying that it needs to be fixed, these beautiful creatures are dying, etc. The world wishes that it could be fixed in a blink of an eye, but there is no control over the climate change that is happening across the globe. In Alaska, thousands of glaciers melt each year, leaving polar bears with nothing. Hawaii receiving massive amounts of snowfall for no apparent reason. The North East of the United States having abnormally warmer winters then some in the past. Climate change is not just killing the Great Barrier Reef off the Australian coast, it is hurting the entire world. Yes, it is sad to see the Great Barrier reef suffering, but humans do not really have any control over it is up to mother nature to control these types of things. My hope is that the Great Barrier Reef does not completely die off too soon. My wish is to take a trip down to Australia and be able to scuba dive off this beautiful

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