Equiano 's Narrative And Actions Essay

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not trying to break down the barriers between the races. Instead Equiano is encouraging these barriers and working with them, to find a place in European society. Ultimately Equiano’s aims align more with ameliorist aims, than those of the abolitionist movement.
Equiano’s own narrative and actions demonstrate the effectiveness of the ameliorist argument, as he comes to illustrate the grateful slave troupe in many ways. The grateful slave troupe can be used to display “the successful reform of slave plantations through the ameliorative efforts of a sentimental planter or overseer” (Boulukos 2). The reforms include the end of “brutal punishments” for slaves, and the introduction of the threat of selling off a misbehaved slave, to a presumably harsher master (2). These reforms allow slaves to become devoted to their owners, and work harder as a consequence (2). This troupe can be seen in Mr King and Equiano’s relationship. Equiano works incredibly hard for Mr King, pleasing his “master in every department in which [Mr King] employed [him]” (Equiano 119). Equiano eventually accepts his situation, becomes very grateful to God and Mr King after witnessing “the dreadful use” of other slaves (119). Equiano is therefore made to feel fortunate for his position, as a result of this kinder treatment. This method is proven to be effective when Equiano’s loyalty is tested. He is tested when he is given the opportunity to escape to France with some sailor friends (138-139). However Equiano…

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