Energy Waste Management : What Effect Does Household Waste Essay

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Household Waste Management - What effect does household waste contribute to soil contamination?

2. THE PROBLEM The large scale production and improper disposal of waste has become a source of pollution, as it may result in serious deterioration in quality of life and the ecological balance. As this image from Mannering (2013) illustrates, hazardous or harmful products disposed of from household waste is potentially dangerous to humans and the environment. In particular, when our society lives in a consumer-driven world and with this comes accumulative household waste, so as a result soil contamination increases from poor household waste management (Giusti, 2009). This investigation examines household waste management and the repercussion household waste can cause when deposited into the ground. Moreover, principles of the current global waste management legislations and design adhered to household waste management, which promotes more effective use of material and waste recovery systems in order to provide a sustainable future.


Figure 4. Waste supply projection versus approved capacity.
Household solid and liquid waste consists of unwanted rubbish, such as inorganic and organic products. For instance, not only discarded inorganic products derives from fabric, glass, paper, plastic, metal materials and hazardous waste, but also discarded organic products, such as…

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