Employee Attitudes During the Recession. Essay

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Case study: Companies are trying to improve Employee attitudes during the recession.

This is a case study which revolves around the steps taken by managers and corporations in improving the attitudes of employees towards recession. Real life examples are given in the form of consumer services giants like Bain & Co, Home Depot and Best buy.
Now let us look at the facts and the answers to the questions asked.
Facts Presented in the case:
1. Bain & co.’s CEO Steve Ellis hired people even during the recession. He added consultants in the hot-growth areas such as emerging markets and targeted experienced consultants who were left stranded during the hard financial times.
2. Home Depots chairman and chief executive Frank Blake
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Now Let us focus on how we can go about the process of boosting the employee motivation. At the end of the case study certain questions are open for discussion and in answering them we will find ways to do the same.

1. Which of the Schwartz 10 values are driving the behavior of managers at Bain & co., Home depot and best buy? Provide examples to support your theory and conclusions.
Let us gather data from the case about the behavior of mangers at the companies which are mentioned.
Managers at Bain & co. Are hiring people even in the economic downturn .An activity which not many corporations are replicating. Home depot is resetting sales targets for its employees so that many of them obtain a bonus despite the tough situation in the economy. Best buy is trying to motivate and engage employees buy asking them to participate in the activity of cutting costs.
In order to understand the values which these managers at these corporations are exhibiting we need to understand about Schwartz’s 10 value theory.
Schwartz’s 10 value theory:
Shalom Schwartz’s work is based on the theory that there a set principles or values which help one person govern the direction of their life. Personal values or Professional values overlap and a person fit into a

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