Emotional Burden During The Vietnam War And Tim O ' Brien Essay

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Emotional Burdens in the Vietnam War and Tim O’Brien Vietnam soldiers during the war carried emotional burdens because of seeing their mates being killed, the constant fear of death and the traumatic events they were involved. The effects persevere in their minds during and after the war causing a lost in personality and PTSD. The author Tim O’Brien dedicated his life writing about the Vietnam War. The author’s personal experiences and the guilt of forming part of a war he opposed, were part of his inspiration for writing about the Vietnam War. Soldiers in the Vietnam War carried as an emotional burden the loss of their mates and some that saw the traumatic events were marked for life, including those who were directly involved. In the Vietnam War, soldiers were constantly near death, at every step, their lives could have been taken by a mine or a mortared explosion, the possibilities and ways of dying were colossal. In his personal story of his service in Vietnam, the U.S marine Captain Breeding narrates: “We were mortared so much up there until we finally figured out how to live without taking casualties. At best, it’s terrifying. […] It got to the point when we were being mortared that we didn’t ask, ‘Did anybody get hit?’ It was, ‘Who got hit? ‘” (49). From this written story of a Vietnam veteran, it’s easier to create an image of how often soldiers in the Vietnam War were involved in deadly explosions and traumatic experiences of seeing their mates blown up into…

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